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French Press

1. Grind 68g for every litre of water you’ll be using and put into jug.
2. Start a timer and pour in filtered water, just off the boil, pouring in a circle to make sure all grounds are wetted - but do not stir.
3. Place the lid and plunger on top to keep heat in, but keep the plunger clear of the coffee.
4. When the timer reaches 4:00, remove the lid and stir the coffee. The coffee that was floating on the surface will now sink to the bottom, leaving just a light foam on the surface.
5. Use two spoons to skim the foam off the surface and discard.
6. Replace the lid and slowly push down the plunger.
7. Pour the coffee out slowly, in order to leave any remaining ‘sludge’ behind.

After you’ve enjoyed your coffee, clean the press thoroughly - completely disassemble the mesh each time and wash in hot soapy water to ensure no coffee remains stuck in the mesh.


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