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Barista Making Coffee


We are dedicated to the belief that coffee should reflect the people and places involved in its creation. We go the extra mile to source coffees that have a story and ensure we stay true to its origins as well as continuing its journey to your cup with influences from our roastery and the people who roast it. Each of our origins are custom roasted to release their individual characteristics and unique flavours. Every roast is checked through our 10 stage process before being packed, ready for our customers. Only when we have achieved the perfect flavour and quality, will it be considered good enough for the gold seal approval of Rocket Monkey.

We are proud to offer a truly unique Scottish artisan coffee.


We are constantly on the quest to source sublime ingredients from some of the best coffee growers in the world. We pride ourselves on having a strong ethical approach to everything we do. We pledge to source only the highest quality green beans from small family run farms and micro lots throughout the coffee growing world. We know exactly where the beans originate and, working with direct trade suppliers, this ensures sustainability for our farmers and protects the high quality coffee for the customer. We are focused on raising the bar in the coffee scene in Scotland.  We source, roast and supply coffee for both wholesale and retail customers. We can provide coffee education and training support.

We understand coffee.

We know its past, create its present and watch its future flourish.

We will not buy substandard / unethical / untraceable coffee.

We create moments.

We are relentless.

We think differently.

We are here to shake up the industry.

We push the boundaries / raise the bar / go above and beyond.

Coffee is our passion, our lives , our world, our universe.

We are coffee.


Our importers operate under a Direct Trade policy, rewarding growers for the production of speciality grade coffee and invariably paying more than the Fair Trade price. This results in the farmers receiving a wage that allows them to sustain a high quality crop year on year and maintain good environmental practice. As a consequence, we get the pick of the crop. The farms we use act as sanctuaries for native and migratory wildlife and many are known as "agrovilliages", as they promote good worker relations and provide housing, modern facilities and schooling for their employees. We are proud to buy quality green beans from traceable coffee farms resulting in a reliable, consistent, quality product.


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