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The Last Straw. Zero Waste Packaging - Our Solution.


At Rocket Monkey we are 100% committed to providing our customers with a zero waste solution

for their wholesale coffee. Most importantly with zero impact upon the freshness of our coffee, with

no extra cost and without compromising on our ethics.



Our tins are absolutely perfect for hand delivery of coffee. We use a simple bucket swap system. When we deliver a tin of freshly roasted coffee we simpily take away the old ones - clean them and reuse them. Simple!

Our Biodegradable Wholesale Solution:


In order to provide a truly sustainable solution we have devised a process that allows us to put everything we supply for wholesale to be immediately put into composting which takes next to no time to degrade.

Zero Waste, Zero Environmental impact!


In conjunction with our on-site 7kg resealable metal tins, we have devised a solution of sending our coffee in completely compostable cellulose 1kg bags for immediate decanting into our tins upon arrival. This process provides us with a vehicle for transporting our coffee to our customers in traditional 1kg sizes, but without the added process of secondary packaging that will just be discarded into landfill.

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