Endevour Box
  • Endevour Box

    Our Endevour Box contains 1 x 250g of each of the following;Kenya Single Origin, our signature Fuel Blend and Major Tom.


    1 x 250g - Kenya Single Origin - Our Kenyan single estate coffee has a beautiful citrus acidity characteristic, evident in the cup. This results in a smooth, full bodied coffee with strong tones of blackcurrant, vanilla and nuts.


    1 x 250g - Fuel Blend - A wholly beautiful, hand crafted blend of Brazil and Ethiopian single estates. Our unique signature coffee has flavours of toffee, hazelnut and dates and is full bodied and rich.


    1 x 250g -Major Tom - Strong flavours of Toffee and Caramel: Major Tom packs a punch. A truely distincitive coffee that was created as an everyday treat. Farmed by Fernando Parra Rodrigues on his 41Ha farm in the Mogianas region of Brazil, at 1070 metres above sea level, this smooth and creamy coffee is an all day favourite.