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mICrO rOASTERY & tasting lab

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In addition to our production roastery in Ayr we quickly established our Micro Roastery and Tasting Lab in Scotland's biggest city - Glasgow.


In our mirco roastery we experiment with flavours, push the boundaries of coffee alchemy and explore the coffee roasting process from start to finish. Using state of the art equipment we examine, create and refine flavours  - leaving the rule book firmly at the door.

Roasting coffee comes with a great deal of responsibility. We are not here to serve sub standard coffee or flog last seasons crop in order to make a quick buck. We are here for the long run, but roasting coffee is just the beginning.


Training and maintaining a high standard is as crucial as sourcing a great harvest. Our purpose built mirco roastery doubles up as our Glasgow training studio. A place for baristas to refine skills, create new flavour profiles and chat over the newest innovations in the trade.

We are slap bang in the heart of Glasgow's Finnieston area.

Access is strictly by appointment only.

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