Discovery Box
  • Discovery Box

    Our Discovery Box contains1 x 250g of each of the following; Colombian Organic, Ethiopian Single Origin and Keya Single Origin.


    1 x 250g - Colombian Organic - Coming from the El Bombo Cooperative in the Hulia region of Colombia, this high altitude coffee farm produces sublime coffees year after year. Our Organic Colombian washed process coffee has strong flavours of Dark Chocolate, Profiteroles, Toffee and Red Berry undertones with low acidity and a smooth finish. A true delight for any coffee fan.


    1 x 250g - Ethiopian Single Origin - Our Ethiopian Single Estate is sourced from the Yirgacheffe area and has the classic tasting profile of this region. Delicate floral notes combine with lemon, sweet caramel and chocolate. A simply stunning coffee with bags of flavour.


    1 x 250g -Kenya Single Origin - Our Kenyan single estate coffee has a beautiful citrus acidity characteristic, evident in the cup. This results in a smooth, full bodied coffee with strong tones of blackcurrant, vanilla and nuts.